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shanghai translation company
Shanghai Translation Company
QUINCY Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation Agency. When your message is going global or you get important information from outside, you must want to work with a company or a partner, and you can totally trust with. Because we think it
surely that we are the one that you are looking for.

We offer translation services by professional human translators, competitive rates, and quick turnaround time. We translate
into more than 40 languages. The company offers FREE QUOTES on all projects.

By employing a language company of highly skilled and educated specialists in information technology, law, finance and other
fields, enterprises avoid the errors that might arise from entrusting their work to people who have language training only and no subject matter expertise.

Our staff keep abreast of terminology in these rapidly changing fields. We evaluate new dictionaries and purchase them if they
meet our language standards. We also utilize the latest specialized glossaries published on the Internet. And because your
needs may be different from those of any other client for language services, we build and maintain a customized list of the
terms used in each client's texts.

Shanghai Translation Services-Today Enquiry:

Client_Peter: I need an English interpreter in shanghai for 4 days and in Chengdou,Sichuan province for 3 days. I expect the interpreter is familiar with shanghai,Chengdou and its surrounding areas. Could you tell me if you can provide the service?

Shanghai Translation Services_Quincy: Thank you for your enquiry. We can take the job. Could you tell us your scheduels? Right now we are preparing ourselves for the your journey.

Client_Peter: Very nice.Because I have to attend Chengdou tea ceremony, Could you please appoint a interpreter familiar with tea culture of Chengdou?

Shanghai Translation Services_Quincy: That's ok. A local tea-lover will accompany you during Chengdou trip.

Client_Jessica: This is ADN group from Gemany, and now We have lots of datas to translate from German to Chinese, that would need to be delivered by Aug.15, 2012. The German words are about 10,000. Please let me know if you can take the job ASAP.

Shanghai Translation Services_Quincy: Yes,We can take the translation job, For 10,000 German words, we shall deliver within 4 working days.

Client_Amy: OK, Could you offer a printing service? Because finished the translations , the datas should need to be printed. If no problem, how long shall we get the printed datas?

Shanghai Translation Services_Quincy: yes,we can offer the printing sevice and deliver them within 3 workding days.

Service procedures:
1) Job Analysis
2) Job Assignment
3) Translation/Localization/Editing: We build glossaries to ensure consistency in current and future projects
4) Final Proofing: 100% review of the translation and the original translation team gets a final look
5) Shipment: You receive the translation in final form by your deadline!

These five steps insure that your message is carried to your customer around the globe.

Basic Translation Price

Interpretation (Per day)RMB
  English Other languages
Consecutive interpreting



Sight interpreting



Simultaneous interpreting



Translation ( Per 1000 Chinese characters )RMB

Standard documents

Technical documents

Chinese to English

160-180 180-400

English to Chinese

100-130 130-450

Chinese to Japanese (Korean)

170-190 200-230

Japanese (Korean) to Chinese

130-150 160-190

Chinese to German (French)

220-250 260-290

German (French) to Chinese

200-230 240-270

Chinese to other languages


Other languages to Chinese








Contact Information for the translation company:

If you have any question, please feel free to contact, we will be glad to answer your questions about translation and
interpretation and other service we offer

24 hours Service hotline: (8621)20246867
Fax: (8621)20246867
Address: Building 30, Lane 815 Taolin Rd, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, (200135)

China Shanghai
Call: +86 21 20246867 or

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